Wednesday, February 1, 2017

a stitch in time

ideas take time to manifest. this is a hard lesson for me to learn. you'd think after almost 40 years on this planet I'd know that life isn't instantaneous. sometimes I wish I could go from idea to completed product in a matter of seconds: the time it takes to form the idea. but would I really? would I really want to have things without the work?

I'm laughing right now. my impulse is the shout, "yes, yes, yes!" but truthfully, no.

without the work there can be no true victory. without the time it takes to learn and falter, step backwards and start over we can't really say that we learned anything. when I first started sewing, I wanted to be GOOD. I wanted to already know how to do everything. I made a skirt and wore it. it was horrible but still I wore it. it was too soon and it made me feel like a failure because people saw it and asked, "oh, you make that didn't you?" that's never a good sign.

still, I kept at it. that was almost fifteen years ago and I can see how much my stitching has progressed. many times I've longed for a sewing machine that worked, one that didn't stick and pull and mangle the fabric. but it's forced me to really pay attention to my hand sewing and I can see progress. fifteen years in and I'm seeing progress.

that's got to count for something, eh?

the project above is an experiment. my work is usually kept to the embroidery hoop or is used as an ornament, decoration, or little creature to keep one company. this is going to be a doll. not a typical doll, of course not, but one with hair and arms and personality. my little stuffies were the first creatures I ever put together. they look just fine without appendages. I'm curious how my little hedge witch is going to look. she'll have arms but not legs; just a little friend to sit on shelf or window sill or terracotta pot.

I'm adding the arms soon.

* gulp *

here we go!


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