Friday, February 10, 2017

art on backward

Have you ever taken a peek behind a work of art? The backside of a painting may not be that interesting but the backside of anything stitched is most intriguing.

It's there that you see the mistakes, the knots, the frayed lines. It's the behind the scenes of the emotion, the frustrations, the perfect running stitch, the failed French knot. It's an entire dialogue between artist and fabric that takes place in thread.

I've always loved the backside of stitches. I like the tactile ridges and wrinkles. I enjoy running my fingers over the bumps and bruises, seeing the scars and the faded smudges of blood. There is sweat and tears in every work of art. There's also immense joy. Regardless of medium, the artist puts a bit of himself in every work. The imperfections that are unseen, that are told to face the wall, are the real story.

I don't want to hide my bumps and bruises. I limp on the bad days, stand up a bit straighter on the good. Why shouldn't my stitches communicate the same? An emotional road map that sings of the journey we took: needle, thread, fabric, idea. Think of the fabric, the canvas, the page, as your odyssey and your tools your companions. 

Go forth and create.



  1. The back side of stitch work is definitely a story. I like what you had to say here. I do hide a lot of the bumps and bruises, but certain scars tell their own story.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my little side project :D Happy to see you here. And thank you. We all hide those things but you're right: the scars hold the most profound stories!