Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I've been enjoying creating some basic templates for some paper projects I'm hoping to begin work on soon.

the stitching project is coming along. I want to do an entire series, possibly of 3-5 hoops with some rambling stitchery. this first series will be called if on a winter's night. Calvino's book really moved me. these stitches appear a path and the fringed fabric a forest. I want to play more with perspective, not just in my art but in my writing. the way Greer Gilman plays with words and shifts perspective by using the most root definition of words. yes, yes, that's what I'm hoping for.

on and on the rambling way goes, 
weaving through winter like so much freshly fallen snow. 
hoof print of deer, pad of fox and squirrel; 
i follow, i become, more of me, this lost little girl

I love the idea of creating "little books" to house sketches and words. they will be small stories about things: projects that are medium specific. perhaps Miss Imogene will get her start here. her story is coming to me and I'm excited to write it down but there's hesitancy...I am unsure where the weaving will take me. it's away from the literary fiction I've begun exploring. I should amend: the magical realism, the literature of the fantastic. ah, yes.


bye baby buntings

these will take on new lives as buntings and flags, kits perhaps so others can craft their own?

the possibilities, they say, are endless! these paper pieces will become the houses of my designs. all my little sketches. first they get life as paper, then, I hope, to progress to fabric.

fabric of my very own.

to tell my story in ink and stitches where all the fibers are mine?


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