Thursday, February 2, 2017

roughly drafting

last night I did some rough sketches of Ranunculus ficaria or, as it is called now, Ficaria verna. the common names for this little herb are lesser celandine, figwort, smallwort, pilewort, and fig buttercup. if I had to chose one, I'd choose the latter. I know the suffix -wort is commonly used in botanical nomenclature but still: it doesn't sound very pretty, does it? and pilewort comes from the old use of the mucilaginous properties of the plant for piles aka hemorrhoids. bleck. 

they are darling little plants with absolutely no relation to the greater celandine which, as I've found, is more available and more commonly used as a medicinal herb. everywhere I looked, however, there was caution: don't plant this! the expert scream. it's invasive! it will choke out native plants! people were asking about using weed killer to eradicate this poor, European transplant. I did come across one site that suggested appreciating the sunshine yellow flowers for what they are and said that writers such as Wordsworth, Lewis and Tolkien all sang it's praises.

for my next go at little fig buttercup,
 I'll outline in ink and give it a bit of color

give it a chance, the website urged.
let it work its magic on you.


and that's my lesson for my botanical drawing practice.

give it a chance and let it work its magic.

thank you, lesser celandine-fig buttercup. perhaps, if I can find you, I'll give you a little pot in a shady corner of my back yard. take that, weed haters.


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