Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A New Project and Deeper Breathing

Good afternoon. I'm feeling so much better today. I would say I'm feeling like my old self again but I don't know what my old self felt like! It was long, long ago that I felt anything that could be called "normal". But today, after a long, long road, I feel good.


I feel GOOD.

But I'll get to that story in another post on another day :)

Saturday was cold and I wasn't feeling too swift. I dug through my fabric pile, pulled out some more of my vintage, blank fabric and started cutting. Then, after I got the dimensions somewhat as I wanted them, I pinned them together and began sewing my new puzzle piece work.

It still has a way to go but the second photo is the gist of it. Jagged edges and wandering lines. I'm excited to see how this piece turns out. This is only the left side of the work; the right side has a large square with holes cut out of it. The holes will be reattached in another portion of the work. As for the holes, I've got a few ideas in store for them. We'll see how it goes once I get the background work finished and get it snugly in its embroidery hoop.

The weather turned against us this past weekend. We're under a freeze warning tonight. Sheets and garbage bags are in store for a few of the plants outside. I'll bring the cyclamen, the lemongrass, and the spiderwort inside; I'll cover up the fox tail fern, the hibiscus, the forsythia, and the butterfly bush. Fingers crossed it works. The hibiscus looked suspiciously as if it wanted to bloom soon. As for the forsythia, it hasn't bloomed since we moved to Savannah, but I'm always hopeful. Maybe this Spring?

Well, off to do some cleaning. I found some lovely little organizing boxes at the Dollar Tree and I'm tackling the dreaded "Husband's Desk of DOOM!" In all seriousness, it's not that bad; just covered in papers and CDs. I'll probably leave the papers alone but the CDs are MINE!

Have a marvelous day, Friend!
Stay warm and cozy :)


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